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In the year 2012, when this site went online, nobody really asked if it's ok to inherit and show advertisment banners, like buttons or similar on their web site.

With every inclusion of foreign content, be it ads from Google, like buttons from Faceboot, donate links from Paypal or even graphics from any other provider, the 'provider' of this content got (and still gets) aware of the visit of the third party website. Also the provider was (and is) able to set some cookies.
While inheriting content from a minor provider usually did not lead to a major privacy violation, big players like Google and Facebook receive detailed information about the habit of internet users. The reason is simple: a huge amount of websites include their content.

Because of this the legislative authorities forced the site providers to reveal the used tracking tools - and to offer a possibility to disagree. Effectively site providers must ask for permission before they use such tools (like cookies) now.

So, what kind of cookies is this site using, which other providers will set cookies and can a visitor agree or disagree this behaviour?

Cookies on sistance.de

You as my visitor can allow me to set cookies by clicking a button below this chapter. You can also revoke your acceptance at the same location.

This cookie saves one single "yes/no" information, but no personal information about you. A script uses this "yes no flag" to determine if it may (or may not) show you ads on my web site. This includes the acceptance for Google to use their own cookies for their own purposes.

Initially my website will not set any cookie. The website script will in this case act as if you didn't give me the authorization to show you ads.

If you grant or revoke me the right to show you ads, the website will take account of that after you reload the page (or pages).

Google cookies

After you authorized me to show you ads, the website will include Google advertisement banners as soon as you reload or reopen one of my pages. This includes the possibility that Google will set their own cookies. My website cannot influence or even read these cookies.

An explanation what Google will do with these cookies, can be found here: Google and advertisement standards

Some personal thoughts

I myself usually don't block advertisement and don't blame Google for showing me personalized advertisements. Unfortunatelly advertisements on other websites too often are very obtrusive. Because of this I decided to show advertisements only in a very conservative manner. Effectively the real reason for changing the laws was the question, whether or not providers like Google may collect and evaluate data of site visitors.

The kind of implementation of my website should enable you to decide all alone, if you allow Google to collect data about your visit of my website. It's quite plain to me that almost nobody will allow me to show her ads, but in the end, it's your decision, if I get some money for my work.
Speaking in numbers, I "earned" less than 30 € in a period of over eight years (*). I won't get rich with this money, but I also won't become poor, if I mustn't show you ads. So be welcome on my website whatever your decision is.

(*) altogether, not per month
Did you allow me to show you ads at the time you opened this page? I have no idea, did you deactivate java script?